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TV Producers- Are you listening?

Reality TV – PLEASE get some new material! I’m sure I’m not the only one who wishes there were more interesting television shows to choose from. Personally, I find myself drawn mostly to the ones about real people (Reality tv) … Continue reading

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Growing Older: The Flab and Wrinkles that Go Along With It

I can just hear some of you snickering at the title of this blog. Go ahead and snicker. I know some of you are snickering but others are nodding their heads. Growing older is a hard enough thing to accept … Continue reading

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Obama Care-Explained in Precise, Easy to Understand Language

Okay, I admit it. It WAS pretty underhanded for me to use that topic to grab your attention, so I’ll tell you right now that I absolutely can NOT shed any light on the subject. I’m a new blogger and I … Continue reading

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Shaved Eyebrows – Yes or No?

I know, I wonder about the strangest things. But seriously, I want to know what people, men and women both, think about shaved eyebrows. I first became aware of shaved eyebrows when I was in grade school and one of … Continue reading

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In the beginning, there was a great idea and a box of fabric. Now what?

Christmas Eve morning I woke up in a not so great mood and a frown on my face, AGAIN. It’s real easy to let myself get all caught up in a big pity party this time of year. I lost my son … Continue reading

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