Calling All Handbag Lovers

Inquiring designer minds want to know (okay, well maybe its just ME that wants to know), what are the features of your favorite handbag that you love the most and why? Is it the color, the design, or just the designer label? Do you ever even use that inside zippered pocket that seems to have become a standard in just about every handbag on the planet? Do you like pockets on the inside or outside of your bag? Truthfully now, how many handbags do you currently own?

I’m not just curious, I’m designing handbags and handbag patterns these days, and I truly want to know what features of a handbag are essential to you and what isn’t. Here’s your chance to speak up publicly and share your handbag opinions!   I want to design handbag patterns for not just the experienced seamstress, but the novice as well. Although I’ve been sewing since I was 10 years old (okay, a VERY long time), I’ve only recently delved into designing what is probably the most used item by every female on the planet.  I even recently opened a new shop on, called ‘BeckisBagsandBling’.  I have only a couple of downloadable patterns available so far, but more are on their way there very soon!

I’ve also been working for months on making tutorial handbag videos that I plan to upload to my new Youtube channel (Bags and Bling) very soon. For this technology-challenged gal, that in itself, is HUGE. I can just hear my computer nerd brother laughing his butt off at the very thought of my even attempting to make a video. I admit, its been WAY harder to do than I thought it would be and I have a new appreciation for those that are really good at it.   I can’t believe the kazillion of hours it takes of filming and editing to end up with just a 20 minute video!

So come on folks, share your two cents on your favorite handbag.  Tell the handbag designers of the world what you want and what you don’t. Speaking of filming, I need to get back to it, and back to my sewing machine…



About Becki P

I think I've had the creativity bug all my life. Like my mother did, I love the challenge and satisfaction of making something out of nothing. I have a variety of interests and hobbies that include landscaping, writing, sewing, quilting and more recently, designing handbags and patterns for them.
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2 Responses to Calling All Handbag Lovers

  1. egshopaholic says:

    I think it’s awesome that you’re designing bags. I love handbags and my favorite feature is the interior pockets (zipped). I also like the bags with details that make them stand out – stitching, print, texture.

  2. Becki P says:

    Thanks for your comment and opinions. What kind of straps do you like best? A shoulder strap or the shorter handles? I tend to go for shoulder straps myself. I like having my hands free when I needed.

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