In the beginning, there was a great idea and a box of fabric. Now what?

Christmas Eve morning I woke up in a not so great mood and a frown on my face, AGAIN. It’s real easy to let myself get all caught up in a big pity party this time of year. I lost my son in a car accident in Dec 1992 and my husband to colon cancer a few days after Thanksgiving in 2011.Usually I have to paste a phony smile on my face just to get through the holiday season and this season was no different, that is until Christmas Eve morning…

One thing that usually always helps me get through a difficult time, is doing something for someone else. It may not change your circumstances, but it sure helps to have something else to focus your time and attention on.

When I woke up that morning, my own mother was on my mind. She passed away in 2002 from pancreatic cancer after a hard fought battle of at least two years. I’ll never forget the phone call she made to me soon after her first round of chemo. A normally calm, strong and outspoken woman, she was frantic and extremely upset. Although expecting it to happen sooner or later, when her beautiful white hair suddenly started falling out by the handfuls, she wanted what was left to be immediately shaved off.

I don’t remember how or what organization was behind it, but my sister managed to get a wig donated to my mother. I had saved some of her hair and what they sent was a perfect match to the samples we had sent. The wig looked very natural on her but she seldom wore it out of the house because it was scratchy, irritated her head and slipped around a lot.  My mother, being an accomplished seamstress and crafter herself, made a few scarves for herself, but she simply didn’t have the energy or desire to mess with it and as she got sicker, she went out less and less often.

So with my mother on my mind and her ‘quit feeling sorry for yourself ‘ attitude, firstly, on Christmas Eve morning I was looking for some way to help someone else, and my thoughts turned to chemotherapy patients, specifically those that have lost their hair. Secondly, I felt very grateful to be healthy and that my extended family was all healthy too. Thirdly, I decided to do something about the firstly.

I want to design, create and give away fashionable yet comfortable chemo accessories for free. I’m going to start with chemo caps, scarves and head accessories, if all goes well, expand into soft cuddly security toys for kids with cancer.

There, I said it. That’s the plan, that’s the New Year’s Resolution. I’ll post an update periodically on how the project is coming long.

On another note, this is my very first blog. It’s kind of like getting on a bicycle for the first time. You know up front that you’re probably going to have a wreck or two before you get the hang of it but you KNOW that you’re bound to finally get the hang of it. So, at this very minute, as I write my very first blog about this project that I’ll temporarily call ‘The Un-pity Party Project, I have 0 followers. I have told only three people about this project or about my blog, my married daughter and my two granddaughters, 9 and 12 years old.

P.S. If you’re a chemo patient yourself and losing your hair or its already gone, I would love to send you a comfy but fashionable chemo cap. Drop me a line (or comment here).

Cyber Hugs,



About Becki P

I think I've had the creativity bug all my life. Like my mother did, I love the challenge and satisfaction of making something out of nothing. I have a variety of interests and hobbies that include landscaping, writing, sewing, quilting and more recently, designing handbags and patterns for them.
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4 Responses to In the beginning, there was a great idea and a box of fabric. Now what?

  1. Hi Becki!

    I found it! This is such an awesome idea. I’m thinking of a way that I can helo and TRUST me you don’t want me to sew. So I would love to make a donation. I’m glad that you have found something that you’re passionate about and it Blesses people along the way – what an honor!
    May God’s Blessing be Always upon you!

    All the Best,


    • Becki Pavlik says:

      I’m getting a lot of that (“trust me, you don’t want me to sew”) and I do understand. That’s what I say about I would be thrilled with any donation you could make and even more thrilled that you’re generous enough to make one. I’ll send the info on how you can help privately. Thank you so much! Cyber Hugs to you!

  2. Cindy says:

    My husband is fighting cancer this very moment. With God’s love and support we have made it through the surgery part and our doctor says he got it all. John will start radiation treatments 5 days a week starting some time in February. I have access to a lot of baby soft fabric and my sister works at JoAnne Fabrics, so I will see if they can help out somehow at your store. I can also sew. Not sure where you live, but I am in Indiana and will do what I can to help you! I would love to have a way of Paying all the love and prayers we have received forward. Please email me directly so I can get information on where you live and we can go from there!

    • Becki Pavlik says:

      I Cindy,
      I’m sending prayers your way right now for you and your husband! Cancer doesn’t just affect the patient but the whole family. I’m so glad you posted a comment and I will email you privately in a moment to the cityra email address. I hope that’s the right one to reach you. I’m in Westerville, OH.
      Cyber Hugs,


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