Calling All Handbag Lovers

Inquiring designer minds want to know (okay, well maybe its just ME that wants to know), what are the features of your favorite handbag that you love the most and why? Is it the color, the design, or just the designer label? Do you ever even use that inside zippered pocket that seems to have become a standard in just about every handbag on the planet? Do you like pockets on the inside or outside of your bag? Truthfully now, how many handbags do you currently own?

I’m not just curious, I’m designing handbags and handbag patterns these days, and I truly want to know what features of a handbag are essential to you and what isn’t. Here’s your chance to speak up publicly and share your handbag opinions!   I want to design handbag patterns for not just the experienced seamstress, but the novice as well. Although I’ve been sewing since I was 10 years old (okay, a VERY long time), I’ve only recently delved into designing what is probably the most used item by every female on the planet.  I even recently opened a new shop on, called ‘BeckisBagsandBling’.  I have only a couple of downloadable patterns available so far, but more are on their way there very soon!

I’ve also been working for months on making tutorial handbag videos that I plan to upload to my new Youtube channel (Bags and Bling) very soon. For this technology-challenged gal, that in itself, is HUGE. I can just hear my computer nerd brother laughing his butt off at the very thought of my even attempting to make a video. I admit, its been WAY harder to do than I thought it would be and I have a new appreciation for those that are really good at it.   I can’t believe the kazillion of hours it takes of filming and editing to end up with just a 20 minute video!

So come on folks, share your two cents on your favorite handbag.  Tell the handbag designers of the world what you want and what you don’t. Speaking of filming, I need to get back to it, and back to my sewing machine…


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TV Producers- Are you listening?

Reality TV – PLEASE get some new material!

I’m sure I’m not the only one who wishes there were more interesting television shows to choose from. Personally, I find myself drawn mostly to the ones about real people (Reality tv) doing extraordinary things. It makes me feel good inside to see someone deserving win big prizes, overcome unusual obstacles, achieve unrealistic dreams and well, just beat the odds stacked against them or win when they should have lost.  Shows like Survivor, American Idol, X-Factor, and Biggest Loser to name just a few. The bottom line for me is that I want to be entertained, inspired or educated. I want to laugh or cry or be moved enough to take action.

The last thing I want to watch on tv are people whose only goal in life to see how many children they can give birth to in their lifetime (YAWN). The only thing worse than watching boring people do boring things (how many years will it take us to watch each Duggar child grow up, get married and have a dozen or two kids of their own?),  is watching stupid people do stupid things.

I’m sorry, I know it doesn’t sound very nice to refer to people as ‘stupid’, because I don’t think stupid people can help it that they’re stupid. Irregardless, I don’t want to be amazed at some people’s stupidity. We can see that everyday in our everyday lives. Personally, I was thrilled that Honey Boo Boo was canceled.  There are quite a few more shows in my ‘humble’ opinion that need to be axed as well. Those that are counting kids and wives just to name a few more.

I don’t know about you, but I’m dying for some good old-fashioned wholesome family entertainment. Like many people, I tape my favorite shows so I can watch them when I have the time (and also so I can fast-forward through the commercials) but there just doesn’t seem to be much to chose from this season. So, who the heck is making the television producing decisions these days and why don’t they appear to even care about what WE think? I get all kinds of snail mail and online junk mail wanting my opinion on various things but I’ve never heard from a tv producer. Believe me, I would remember that because I would have plenty to say to them.

Here’s a few not-so-subtle hints to our modern day television show producers. Remember back when you read a book from cover to cover and just couldn’t put it down? Do you remember WHY you couldn’t put it down?

More than likely, you couldn’t put it down because it had a good plot, a cliff-hanger climax, a hero/heroine to root for, a villain to hate, someone funny to laugh at,  a sad story to cry over, or if you were really lucky, all of the above. These are what most of our modern day television shows are lacking in part, or well… ALTOGETHER.

As always, just my own two cents worth on the subject…



(Sorry its been so long since I posted.  As some of my friends and family know, I’ve sold my house and moved to a neighboring city.  Lots of projects going on as I get settled in. )

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Growing Older: The Flab and Wrinkles that Go Along With It

I can just hear some of you snickering at the title of this blog. Go ahead and snicker. I know some of you are snickering but others are nodding their heads. Growing older is a hard enough thing to accept as it is. Unfortunately, part of getting older can sometimes include the difficulty of losing weight and keeping it off. It’s aggravating. It’s frustrating. Be that as it may, I try to look at it in a humorous way, if for no other reason than to keep myself from pulling my hair out!

Fat or flab, there’s no nice way to say it. Okay, maybe the word cellulite would be less offensive, but that’s not what it really is and I prefer to call a spade a spade. You know what it is. 


It’s that stuff that hangs over the front of your jeans, the sides of your jeans, and that stuff you try to stuff INTO your jeans. Or maybe you’ve already given up wearing jeans entirely! Now THAT is definitely a sign that things are getting out of hand when you’ve eliminated jeans from your wardrobe and replaced them all with sweat pants. If you’re still in denial, just take all your clothes off and stand in front of a full length mirror and jump up and down. THERE! All that stuff is what I’m talking about!


No, I’m not going to tell you to love your bodies just the way they are. The only people I’ve ever heard say that are the ones that don’t have any fat or flab (yet). The rest of us know that we have to either accept what we have or to do something about it. We certainly don’t have to love it. I’m not that senile yet!

Some women, aging or not, that have fat, flab or ‘muffin tops’ (it’s even got an official name now), accept it by (1) attempting to hide it by wearing baggier clothes that actually make them look larger than they are, (2) adopt a ‘I don’t give a damn what you think of me’ attitude or (3) claim their new style of sweats as ‘the casual look’ that they find more comfortable.

Okay, I admit it, I’ve been in every one of those categories and I admit that I catch myself still visiting one or two of those categories. Unfortunately, since I live alone, it’s very easy to fall back on my ‘whatever is easiest’ way, because I’m not accountable to anyone but me. I think that it’s true of anyone that lives alone about any topic, not just weight, but cleaning, organizing and everything else. If no one else sees it or you have no one you feel accountable to, its very easy to adopt a ‘ who cares anyway’ attitude. Been there and done that too. I have to remind myself every single day that I AM accountable to someone important, I’m accountable to ME.

So no, I can’t say that I LOVE my body. But I can say that I’ve learned some things that I wasn’t aware of before that have helped me keep in the best shape I possibly can. What happened was that I became aware a few years ago that I tend to lose and gain at least 15 pounds a year as the seasons change. I don’t like cold weather, so I don’t get as much exercise in the winter months plus I tend to cook, eat and snack more out of boredom in the winter months without even realizing I’m doing it. When it warms up in spring, I’m outside working in my yard every minute I can be. So, not only am I burning more calories, but I’m too busy to cook, eat or snack as much or as often.

A year ago last spring, in less than two months I lost 25 pounds and now, a year later, the weight is still off. I didn’t do it by dieting or exercising ‘intentionally’, honestly I didn’t. I just happened to notice one day a couple of months after the weather had warmed up and I was able to get outside and work in my yard, that my gym shorts were practically falling off me. I got on my scales and was amazed that I had dropped that much weight in such a short amount of time. I looked back through the whole previous six months and tried to figure out how I had accomplished it without even trying.

I have to say that ‘dieting’ in my mind implies intentionally going on a diet. I didn’t do that. ‘Exercising’ implies doing it intentionally. I didn’t do that either, at least not intentionally. I just did the routine work around my house outdoors that needed done anyway that just happened to burn calories at the same time. Specifically it was pulling weeds (which requires bending, stooping and pulling), digging new flower beds (which requires using your arm and back muscles) and hauling wheel barrows full of soil and mulch. Also, because I was keeping busy every day outside, I didn’t have time to be bored. Because I was busy, I didn’t have time to snack. Because I was burning calories and wasn’t snacking as much nor as often, I lost weight. And because I lost the weight, I started paying more attention to the foods I brought in the house. Because I started buying fewer snacks and more healthier foods, I not only lost more inches and weight, I got healthier too. It sounds so simple now that I’m pretty surprised that it took me so long to figure it out. We are the result of what we eat and do. DUH!

Speaking of burning calories, since I can’t seem to wrap my brain around doing exercise for exercise’s sake, I also changed the way I do regular routine household chores indoors differently too. I live in a three story house; finished basement, main floor and an upstairs. Since I end up having to go up and down stairs about 4-6 times a day anyway just in my normal routine, when I use the stairs, I try to remember to RUN up or down them as quickly as I can which burns twice as many calories than walking up them does.

Also when I’m sitting in my recliner or lying on the sofa watching tv, I rotate my ankles, bend my knees and raise my legs over and over. Granted, I would probably never remember to do it if I didn’t keep a Post It note on the side of the end table beside my chair reminding me to. These might sound like too insignificant things to even bother with, but you would be surprised the amount of calories you can burn every day just by doing things in a little bit different way.

But its not just about burning calories. Grocery shopping is another important part of losing weight and keeping it off. Did I mention that there is nothing that I hate to do more than shopping? So changing my shopping habits was pretty hard at first. I was used to running in and grabbing the same old things I always had in the past, because it was faster and easier. Well, guess what? It takes the same amount of time to go in and grab healthier foods as it does to grab unhealthy foods. Duh!

I knew it was important for me to pay closer attention to what I brought into the house. Because if it’s in the house, of course I’m going to eat it. I quit buying pasta, bread products and ice cream. This was AFTER I had already lost the weight. Those became foods I would only allow myself to eat when I went out to a restaurant or on a very, very rare occasion like my once a month delivery pizza.

Lucky for me that I don’t eat out very often! Eliminating those foods in particular from my grocery cart, was the biggest eliminator of calories and carbs that I’m convinced kept the weight off. I try to keep plenty of fruit and yogurt in the house and the occasional ‘cheat’ snack I allowed myself, crackers with peanut butter and honey in them, or the occasional bag of gummy worms! The peanut butter crackers at least have some protein in them.

I think its important to have at least one kind of treat in your house because when you feel like you’re denying yourself something, sooner or later, you’re going to rebel and go back to your old habits. At least I always did. So what works for me, is knowing I can have a treat anytime I want to, I just have to make healthier choices in what treats to bring into the house.

WRINKLES: Now there’s an interesting topic that we all try to forget about but can’t. How do you talk about wrinkles without talking about all the anti-aging products on the market? Keep in mind that I’m not an expert or scientist, nor have I studied or participated in any anti-aging research groups. I can only speak from my own experience.

As a woman who has lived with very dry skin for at least a couple of decades now, I can assure you that I’ve tried many anti-aging products on the market from a variety of big name brand companies. I even became a Sales Representative last year for a company whose largest and most popular lines were anti-aging products (but that’s another story for another time). I bet I have over $200. worth of anti-aging products in my makeup drawer right this minute. How many do you have in yours? Don’t you wish you had your money back for all those products that didn’t do what they claimed they would?

Unfortunately, I couldn’t tell a bit of difference in my skin except maybe while the product was laying on top of my skin. Even then it was barely noticeable, and regular generic moisturizers from the grocery store did the same thing. I could not in all honesty sell those products and work for a company that I believed was a total rip-off.

But anti-aging products are everywhere these days and they’re not cheap either. Advertising claims run the gamut from preventing and diminishing wrinkles to TOTALLY obliterating them in anywhere from 10 minutes to just 30 days. Well, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that if one could obliterate wrinkles in 10 minutes, no one would have any, right? Every human being on the earth over 30 years of age would stop what they’re doing right this second to jump in their cars to go buy it all up! Just think how young everyone on the planet could look by just the end of this week, Folks! Yeah, right. 🙂

It’s just my opinion, and worth about as much as you paid for it, but the miracle cure for totally preventing wrinkles or eliminating them entirely, apparently doesn’t come in a jar or tube, it requires procedures and surgeries, re-procedures and re-surgeries, and lots and lots of money. My point is, that all this hype about anti-aging products only puts even more focus on the outer signs of aging that we’re already well aware of, instead of helping us accept that fact that getting older is going to happen to all of us sooner or later. You just wait, your turn is just around the corner!

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Obama Care-Explained in Precise, Easy to Understand Language

Okay, I admit it. It WAS pretty underhanded for me to use that topic to grab your attention, so I’ll tell you right now that I absolutely can NOT shed any light on the subject. I’m a new blogger and I need some attention. God, that sounds so pathetic, but one has to start somewhere, right?

Like everyone else, I don’t have any answers but I do have an opinion. XX!*F##@!? Okay, I had to go back and erase what I originally typed cause I don’t want to offend anyone. If I wasn’t so frustrated, confused and angry about it, it would actually be quite funny that our government, who is billions of dollars in debt, thinks that we would be crazy enough to think that we should trust them or that they have OUR best interests at heart over and above THEIRS. Their game of ‘Robbing Peter to Pay Paul’ is evident in every aspect of our government. What I truly don’t understand is exactly who the recipients were of those billions of dollars because it sure as heck wasn’t middle class America.

Just for the heck of it, try Googling for ObamaCare Answers, ObamaCare Solutions or even ObamaCare for Idiots and following those links. That’s one way of wasting a whole day getting your blood pressure up all stirred up and ending up having read a million explanations that don’t explain a single thing.

My next door neighbor came over last night for a chat and ObamaCare was one of the things we talked about, or rather she talked and I listened (for a long time). It took her over a half hour just for her to explain to me her own experiences with TRYING to apply online for it last week (which took her ALL of last week), after spending a month of researching it beforehand trying to find answers and STILL not being able to get her application to even go through. And SHE has a college degree. I didn’t even bother to tell her much about my own frustrating attempts to apply. I really admire her tenacity because I didn’t even get as far as the application part before getting so confused and frustrated  that I just gave up.

The really sad part is that there are tens of thousands (or maybe even millions) of Americans going through the same frustrating crap.  Just trying to find real honest to good answers and explanations so we can make informed decisions. Why would anybody want to go through all that crap? Because we’re desperate to save our homes, that’s why.


So PLEASE, if there’s anybody listening that has the honest to God answers and explanation in plain English (no ethnic slurs intended), please enlighten America!


Cyber Hugs,



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Shaved Eyebrows – Yes or No?

I know, I wonder about the strangest things. But seriously, I want to know what people, men and women both, think about shaved eyebrows. I first became aware of shaved eyebrows when I was in grade school and one of my mother’s friends had, what my sister and I jokingly referred to as, ‘Crayon Eyebrows’. She was a beautiful, well-dressed woman any time I saw her. Long Manicured nails, every hair in place but it was her eyebrows that you noticed first. Or at least I did. The oddest thing was, they looked totally different every time I saw her.
?”eyebrows 01
This woman’s daughter was my friend, so I had lots of opportunities to study this woman’s eyebrows. I even asked my friend about her mother’s eyebrows at recess one day at school, when we were in 4th grade.

“What’s up with your mom’s eyebrows anyway?”
“She shaves them,” was the simple reply.
“Because she has to.”
“I dunno. That’s just what she said.”
“If she didn’t shave them, she wouldn’t have to draw them on.”
“I know, I told her that.”
“So, why does she do it?”
“Because she has to.”
That was when my lifelong secret curiosity about eyebrows first began. I could never understand why a woman would want to shave her eyebrows off and have to draw on new ones. When I as in 5th grade, I was even curious enough to lock myself in the bathroom one day and shave my own off. Mind you, I had never shaved anything before. But I had seen my stepfather shave many times, so how hard could it be?

I grabbed his can of shaving cream, shook it real well like I had seen him do, and sprayed a big blob of it in my hand. I was so fascinated with the blob of shaving cream, I got side-tracked and sprayed some on the faucets and outlined the reflection of myself on the mirror too. It was my mother’s sudden knock on the door that brought my attention back to the task at hand.

“What are you doing in there?”
“Nothing! Just going to the bathroom. I’ll be out in a minute…”
“Well, hurry up!”

I quickly smeared some on my eyebrows in one swipe, from one side of my forehead to the other, and grabbed a razor. It took me about 15 minutes and two more knocks on the door from my mother, to get them both shaved off and the bathroom cleaned up. When I finally opened the door and came out, my mom was standing there waiting.

“What the hell did you do to your eyebrows?”
“What eyebrows?”
“YOUR eyebrows!”
“Oh, I shaved them off.”
“Because I had to.”
“Because I had shaving cream on them.”
“But why did you put shaving cream on them?”
“Because I had to.”
“Because I wanted to learn how to shave eyebrows.”
“Because I had to.”
“Well what are you going to do for eyebrows?”
“I dunno. Draw some on?”
“No, you’re not! You’re just going to have to go around with no eyebrows til yours grow back! Are you stupid or what?!”

Going around with no eyebrows is NOT cool, believe me. It took about a month for my eyebrows to grow back in. My mother took every opportunity to point out my lack of eyebrows to anyone that stopped by our house and to tell the story to anyone that called on the phone. My friends at school asked me what happened to my eyebrows. I made up some story about working on a secret invention. When my eyebrows finally grew back, I told them my secret invention hadn’t worked. When they asked me what my secret invention was, I told them I was working on a way to make eyebrows disappear. “Why would anyone want their eyebrows to disappear?” they would ask. “I don’t know, but some women seem to want them to,” was the best that I could come up with.

As I grew up and went through my teen years, my curiosity about eyebrows continued. When I looked at pictures of women in fashion or makeup magazines, their eyebrows were the first thing I would look at.
Eyebrows of the 70s 01
Eyebrows of the 70s 02

I could tell that some were shaved off completely and draw back on and some were enhanced and shaped with a eyebrow pencil. Somehow it made me feel better to know that I wasn’t the only one who thought about eyebrows.

As I got older, my fascination with eyebrows dwindled as newer and more important things to think about surfaced, like clothes and boys for instance. During my makeup discovery years, I could understand enhancing the shape or color of eyebrows. But in the back of my mind somewhere was that question, “Why do women SHAVE their eyebrows off?”

It was a question I never had the nerve to actually ask a woman that did shave her eyebrows. First of all, I didn’t see that many women that looked like they shaved their eyebrow and secondly, I got the impression somehow that it would not be good manners to ask a woman about it, like it was some big personal private secret, so I never asked.

For the last year or so, I’m finally beginning to understand why some women shave them. This is at least one reason why:

In fact, I even had a razor in my hand myself yesterday ready to shave my own eyebrows off. Several times in the last few months, I’ve stood before the mirror with razor in hand, ready to do it, but something keeps holding me back. Maybe its the memories of my mother’s friend, that as a child, her drawn-on eyebrows were the first thing I always noticed and stared at. Maybe its the ridicule I endured when I stupidly shaved mine off in 4th grade. Maybe its the lack of faith I have in my creative ability to draw two eyebrows that match, who knows.

All I know is that my own eyebrows no longer look like MY eyebrows. The texture of the hairs are different. They used to be short and soft and now some are wiry and growing longer. The color used to be dark brown and now some are brown and some are white. The shape and placement of them used to be perfect in relationship to the size and placement of my eyes. Now they basically have no arch or shape to them at all. Oh, I’ve tried plucking, trimming and/or filling in with eyebrow pencil. Spending hours working on my eyebrows is not something I want to have to do, not something I WOULD ever do. So, here I am again, razor in hand, ready to join the ranks of women that shave their eyebrows. No, I can’t do it yet! I just can’t…

I need more information. What are the benefits, if any, of shaving your eyebrows off? Would it only be trading one problem for another? What do men think of drawn on eyebrows? What does SOCIETY think of drawn on eyebrows? Seriously, my eyebrows and I want to know!

Cyber Hugs,

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Un-Pity Party Project- Who needs one?

As exciting as the Christmas season is for the majority, for many, it’s a time of sorrow, loneliness, financial stress, depression and sadness for a variety of understandable reasons. Who on this planet, hasn’t experienced any of these things at one time or another? Unfortunately, it’s part of life and living in the real world.
Sometimes one goes through these things enough times that one can start recognizing the signs. I was in that place this past week and just realized it Christmas Eve morning. My personal circumstances aren’t important. Trust me when I say that I understand. Trust me when I say that there is something that will help tremendously, and that is finding something positive to do for SOMEONE ELSE. The magical thing about doing something for someone else is that it not only puts a smile on the face of the other person, but by the very act of doing so, it gives you a feeling of accomplishment, of doing a good deed, of making a difference in some small way, a feeling of self worth, and a kazillion other good things.

An ‘Un-Pity Party Project’ is an attitude coupled with an action. Go ahead and grumble, cry or wallow for a bit first. Only after you’ve got the bad crap out of the way will you have room in your head for the good stuff. Forget about how much money you don’t have for a moment. Forget about what you don’t know how to do for a moment. Put a large piece of that tiger-print duck tape over the mouths of all the committee members sitting on your shoulder right now telling you all the things you can’t do. Take the rest of the roll of duct tape and wrap it around all the committee members and stuff them in the closet for the time being. Have a little faith in the power and strength of duct tape if noting else right now.

Take outa sheet of paper and a pen. No, not your laptop. You might need to tape this list to your fridge as a reminder of where you are at this very moment. At the top of the page, write: ‘My Un-Pity Party Project’. Think about the things that upset you about the world we live in or your own neighborhood or family. Maybe it will be injustices done to others, maybe it will be things associated with diseases or handicaps. There are tons of things going on in the world today that are upsetting and there are people all around us that are going through hard times. Pick a topic, a group or even an individual that is close to your own heart that you want to do something positive for.

Once you have your specific topic, group or individual you want to focus on, then its time to start making a list of things you are capable of doing. Making a difference doesn’t always take money, you know. If your focus is an individual, take a walk through your own home. Who doesn’t have a drawer full of clothes they don’t wear, a closet full of stuff they have no room for, or basement full of stuff they don’t use?

Toys or books could be donated to doctor’s offices, clothes and/or furniture could be donated to your nearest shelter, and the list goes on and on. Find something to give to someone else, whether it’s just one thing or a box full. Don’t talk yourself out of doing this because you don’t know whether they will like it or use it. And for God’s sake, don’t even think about how much you originally paid for it because that’s usually why we have so much stuff!

Write a brief note to include with the item or box. You can remain anonymous if you want to, but personally I would rather know who was thinking of me. Its a great way to start a new friendship if you want to.

Put this item or box in your car right immediately and grab your keys. Drop it on the front porch of the intended party and leave. Now was that really so hard? Okay, so it took a box and a little gas in your car to pull it off. Small price to pay for getting rid of something you don’t even want or use and putting a smile on someone’s face in the process. Doesn’t it feel good that you actually DID something positive today?

Go back to your list on the fridge anytime you can or need to. Pick another topic or person and repeat the process. Pay forward for a change instead of backward (after someone has done something nice for you). You might be surprised to see how little time you have available to attend that old pity party, when you keep yourself busy focusing on someone else!

Cyber Hugs,


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In the beginning, there was a great idea and a box of fabric. Now what?

Christmas Eve morning I woke up in a not so great mood and a frown on my face, AGAIN. It’s real easy to let myself get all caught up in a big pity party this time of year. I lost my son in a car accident in Dec 1992 and my husband to colon cancer a few days after Thanksgiving in 2011.Usually I have to paste a phony smile on my face just to get through the holiday season and this season was no different, that is until Christmas Eve morning…

One thing that usually always helps me get through a difficult time, is doing something for someone else. It may not change your circumstances, but it sure helps to have something else to focus your time and attention on.

When I woke up that morning, my own mother was on my mind. She passed away in 2002 from pancreatic cancer after a hard fought battle of at least two years. I’ll never forget the phone call she made to me soon after her first round of chemo. A normally calm, strong and outspoken woman, she was frantic and extremely upset. Although expecting it to happen sooner or later, when her beautiful white hair suddenly started falling out by the handfuls, she wanted what was left to be immediately shaved off.

I don’t remember how or what organization was behind it, but my sister managed to get a wig donated to my mother. I had saved some of her hair and what they sent was a perfect match to the samples we had sent. The wig looked very natural on her but she seldom wore it out of the house because it was scratchy, irritated her head and slipped around a lot.  My mother, being an accomplished seamstress and crafter herself, made a few scarves for herself, but she simply didn’t have the energy or desire to mess with it and as she got sicker, she went out less and less often.

So with my mother on my mind and her ‘quit feeling sorry for yourself ‘ attitude, firstly, on Christmas Eve morning I was looking for some way to help someone else, and my thoughts turned to chemotherapy patients, specifically those that have lost their hair. Secondly, I felt very grateful to be healthy and that my extended family was all healthy too. Thirdly, I decided to do something about the firstly.

I want to design, create and give away fashionable yet comfortable chemo accessories for free. I’m going to start with chemo caps, scarves and head accessories, if all goes well, expand into soft cuddly security toys for kids with cancer.

There, I said it. That’s the plan, that’s the New Year’s Resolution. I’ll post an update periodically on how the project is coming long.

On another note, this is my very first blog. It’s kind of like getting on a bicycle for the first time. You know up front that you’re probably going to have a wreck or two before you get the hang of it but you KNOW that you’re bound to finally get the hang of it. So, at this very minute, as I write my very first blog about this project that I’ll temporarily call ‘The Un-pity Party Project, I have 0 followers. I have told only three people about this project or about my blog, my married daughter and my two granddaughters, 9 and 12 years old.

P.S. If you’re a chemo patient yourself and losing your hair or its already gone, I would love to send you a comfy but fashionable chemo cap. Drop me a line (or comment here).

Cyber Hugs,


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